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YFC Russell is a satellite of Westman YFC. 

"Youth For Christ began in 1958 in the Westman region, and over time has evolved and matured in its mandate to address the needs of the whole person. YFC is a community organization dedicated to serving young people. YFC addresses social needs, teen issues, physical needs, employment needs, health and well-being, and spiritual needs. YFC assists teens and families move through difficult life situations, assists teens as they mature and develop, and upholds or creates the home environment as needed.

"Westman Youth For Christ has adopted the vision of "creating a community of Hope, where no young person goes hungry; spiritually, emotionally, physically or relationally". "

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We believe in the spiritual journey of people

Youth for Christ is a Christian organization and seeks to assist people to know God and receive all that God intends for each individual. We are not a church and do not require people to believe a certain way to be involved. YFC is open to all young people. YFC does not discriminate involvement in our programs based on religion, race, sexual orientation or in any other way. YFC staff and the organization operate according to Biblical principles.


We care about young people

YFC services are available to all young people. Teenagers naturally seek friendship, support, and fun. Happily, we are able to offer the encouragement, direction, and counseling that comes from authentic and real youth opportunities. 

We believe in role models and long-term relationships
We are committed to long-term relational support with young people because we believe that life is a journey that we need to walk through together. It is through offering friendships AND services that young people will find hope.

We believe in volunteerism
We seek and support those who model honesty, enthusiasm, respect, forgiveness and a love for God. The involvement and support of volunteers are essential to the effectiveness of socially and economically responsible programs.

We believe in the value of the family
The family, a young person's primary social network, has the potential to be the most influential context in which learning and value formation can occur. Our support of the caring role in this process is imperative.

We believe in advocating for young people
Where, or what, are the young people turning to for help? Not everything that happens in life is easy or fair, and too often we as people turn to dangerous coping mechanisms. We need to support each other and stand up for each other. The rise in youth violence, substance use, and family troubles necessitate strong help. Our programs and staff advocate positions and actions which further the common good of children, families and the communities we live and work in.


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