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I have the best job in the world! What could be more rewarding than making a youth feel valued? Of course it's not all rainbows and butter tarts but the BEST things rarely are! Do you remember being a teenager? I do... we would all be a little concerned if I didn't. Being a teen was amazing and terrifying... It was exhilarating and at times very dark and lonely. These days my heart is broken for teens who are alone, afraid and vulnerable but I get to share with them the hope and love of Jesus Christ and nothing beats that.

We Be Ball'n

Three weeks ago we started our first program (whoop whoop). A college sports tour was passing through town so we put them to work. We invited youth from the area to a rec. basketball night and were pleasantly surprised to have around 13 kids show up. The gym was packed with college kids and youth but a great time was had by all. Bekah and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the youth that have been coming from Wayway, Binscarth and Russell every Thursday since.


Darren Boryskavich is a local special olympian. He earned a bronze in the recent Winter Special Olympics in Austria. YFC Russell was grateful to be a part of the homecoming celebration parade in Russell. Talk about a party! A bunch of youth came to help out, hold signs, throw freezies and listen to really loud music!

Youth on our float for Darren's Homecoming!

Way Up North

Bekah and I had the privilege of joining the EMC church in Roblin, Manitoba this month to help out with worship and present our plans for a youth centre in Russell. We were greatly encouraged by the response to our call for support and prayer. Many people approached after the service to speak with us, encourage us and offer their assistance. It was a truly beautiful thing to see the heart of Gods people concerned not only for the youth of their own community but also for the youth of Russell.

Like a Kid at Christmas

As I write this our bubble soccer balls are sitting in Winnipeg just waiting to be delivered to their new home in Russell! I can't wait! The possibilities are endless. I really believe that YFC Russell will have opportunities to meet and talk with many youth whom we would not otherwise get the chance to because of our bubble soccer balls. (if you have a creative name for those leave us a message!) Things are also really moving forward in regards to purchasing a building in Russell (hopefully soon we will be able to say a bit more about that) And it looks like we will soon have enough funds to bump up my hours to 2 days a week! Praise God and thank YOU for your generous support.

Till Next Time,

Caleb and Bekah

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