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  • Caleb Driedger


Now We're Cooking With Gas

It's always a little awkward at first. A new youth comes in, not knowing you from a hole in the ground, and stands silently, nervously, wondering why on earth they have agreed to come to this strange place. Eventually, with a few questions and a snack that's too good to refuse, they begin to open up and it's not long before the fear is gone from their eyes and they're laughing and having a great time. By the end of the night it's hard to say goodbye. I love that.

Last Thursday at the Elks hall was no different. A whole three youth showed up to our first ever homework assistance and drop in night. Three may seem like a small number to you but I was pumped. We knew it would probably start off quite small. The way I see it we grew 300% from the week before.

Bekah spent time teaching a couple of the girls how to make specialty coffee drinks and I tried my best to wrap my head around the homework the students were working on. After about an hour of homework we broke out the games! Roaring laughter and intense competition sums up the rest of the evening. It felt so good to be connecting with youth again!

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