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  • Caleb Driedger


I have to admit, at this point there isn't much of a draw to our drop-in centre. Our drop-in consists of one beautiful ping-pong table (thanks Sarah and Dustin), one shuffle board (thanks Jen and Wallace), a games table and a canteen. We don't have couches, internet, screens of any sort, air hockey, foosball ect. That's why we think it's a bit of a miracle that we have as many as 16 high-schoolers showing up at drop-in every Thursday.

Basketball continues to be our most popular program. Every Tuesday, from 3:20 – 5:00, the Russell Alliance church is filled with about 16 noisy, smelly, teenage “ballers”.

Bekah and I also get to attend the Waywayseecapo gym night on Wednesdays. We have made many new friends and can't wait for more opportunities to serve within Waywayseecappo.

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