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  • Caleb Driedger


Welcome to our home! Come on in. Piano's in the spare room; drums are downstairs; guitars on the couch. Make yourself at home. Supper will be soon.

I wish you could see what it's like when we have 16 people crammed into our little house. I wish you could hear the youth singing and learning to play instruments. I wish you could join with us as we all hold hands and say grace. I wish you could see all the grateful actions as youth unexpectedly wash our dishes or shovel off our deck. I wish you could be around when a youth shows up all alone to ask for help with homework or just to say “hi”. It's a beautiful thing.

It's not all pretty though. The need is greater than we first thought. As youth begin to trust us they also begin to open up, and as youth begin to open up we begin to see the real hurt, the real pain, the real issues, the real them. We believe now, more than ever, that Russell needs a youth centre. We want to give kids a better option than getting into mischief around town. We want a place big enough for all the youth in Russell to feel at home and experience the love of God.

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